RL Grime Soars To New Heights On Rave-Fueled Single “Around Me”

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2023 is RL Grime’s year and there’s no stopping him now. Just a few weeks ago, he announced his 2023 North American tour and revealed the concept behind his upcoming album PLAY™. The album will be comprised of three chapters — APEX, GRID and RUSH; each representing a totally different aspect of RL Grime’s signature sound. Today, he’s giving us a glimpse into RUSH with his brand-new single “Around Me,” out now via Sable Valley.

RUSH sees him open the door to a new space grounded in some of his deepest musical inspirations. “Around Me” kicks down the door, serving as an energetic, rave-fueled house banger with elements of future breaks throughout. Fast-paced drums are paired with RL Grime’s signature stadium-filling brand while vocal chops and piercing synths create the ultimate sense of euphoria.

Here’s what RL Grime had to say about his new track,

“Made this one early on in the album process and it ultimately set the tone for what RUSH would become … This section of the album became a place where I could venture back into the house/breaks/garage/techno/etc roots that got me into dance music in the first place. I think i was always hesitant to release anything like this as RL because I wanted a clear distinction from my older projects.. it was important for me to create a space where I could explore those genres and have it make sense contextually.”

RL Grime’s PLAY™ is set for release on September 15. You can check out “Around Me” below. Enjoy!


RL Grime – Around Me