RL Grime Announces Upcoming ‘Nova’ Project, New Collab With Miguel, And New Music With Cryptic Magazine Sent To Fans


Yesterday RL Grime surprised a lucky 100 fans with a zine sent directly to their homes, the likes of which is also available for purchase via his website. Titled “NovaZine 001,” the simple but articulate creation outlines a more detailed look into his development as an artist and announces a new project, Nova. He calls Nova "more than just an album, or a show, or a single narrative. I want the Nova project to create spaces wheer you can feel part of the process and support platforms for your own ideas."

For those not familiar with the term, a zine is a self-published, intimately circulated magazine that encompasses an artistic vision in a few short but sweet, usually black and white pages of work. Although zines found most of their underground fame in the punk rock world in the ‘90s, RL Grime’s decision to go old school with his album-announcement is refreshingly authentic and most definitely appreciated.

A post to imgur (some images below) shows the contents of “NovaZine 001,” although owning a copy for yourself is affordable at just $3 to buy online. Inside the zine, RL Grime discusses the origins of his project and a bit about his artistic journey. He also uses this opportunity to announce an upcoming collaboration with Miguel titled "Stay For It" and even included the transcript of a conversation the two had in their studio session.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world off the things I’ve made, and the realization I’ve come to is this: From the artwork, to the music videos, to the live show; hearing the music is just a part of a much greater whole. The thing that unites it isn’t just RL Grime, it’s your experiences. For this next chapter, just like you’ve been with me to share the results of the process, this time I want to share the journey with you as well.” – Henry Steinway (RL Grime)

The official album announcement follows a huge few months for the artist, with hints about an upcoming project surfacing in November 2016 and the first single off that project, Reims, dropping just a few weeks ago. If this is any sign of what’s to come, it’s going to be quite the year for RL Grime. Scope some pics of the mag below, enjoy!


RL Mag 2