RL Grime Releases Unreleased Album IDS & Tour Edits

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RL Grime came back this year to remind everyone why he’s still the undisputed king of trap. The Sable Valley visionary released his annual Halloween XII mix in addition to his groundbreaking 3-part album, PLAY.

Earlier this year, RL Grime teased fans with a screenshot of his computer that displayed two folders, PLAY LIVE EDITS & HALLOWEEN XII. We already knew what the latter folder was but now RL Grime has just released PLAY LIVE EDITS, a folder containing a bunch of unreleased album IDs and tour edits.


— RL GRIME (@RLGRIME) October 14, 2023

Those who were lucky enough to catch RL Grime on his PLAY LIVE tour will recognize most of these tracks but now you can listen and even download them for yourselves. Check out the tracks here and enjoy!