Australia’s Robina Delivers Suave Downtempo Vibe On “girl u dreaming”


Last month we introduced your eardrums to the enticing sound of Aussie producer Robina, with his remarkable song “LYAH.” Now, we’re back with more musical goodies of his. He just dropped the single “girl u dreaming”, and it’s a slower-paced, sensual track that stirs elements of R&B and chillstep into a delectable concoction. 

The melody of “girl u dreaming” is one that starts to tingle your spine and reel you in right away. It’s a luscious, buoyant beat with a rolling rhythm driving it and breathy, impassioned vocals that seem to hover over the music. The hypnotic vibe makes it a great choice for the late-night afterparty song queue. 

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Robina – girl u dreaming