Robina Stuns Again with Suave Downtempo Single “SO LONG”


One of the most promising recent acts we have been put on to from Down Under, Robina is a shining star in Australia’s dance music scene. We have covered a few of his singles that dropped this year, and now we’re back with yet another heater from him. “SO LONG” came out over the weekend, and it slaps in every sense of the word. 

“SO LONG” has a slick and sexy vibe that can make it fit any kind of mood. The song’s production is mesmerizing. A vibrant mix between elements of downtempo, hip-hop, and a little bit of trap, the looping sound design is seriously sleek. Then he introduces vocals so hypnotic it’s almost haunting, and percussion so sharp it feels like it could cut right through you. 

You can stream the track below. Enjoy!

Robina – SO LONG