Robotic Pirate Monkey – Colors In Disguise (Official Release) : Must Hear New Electronic / Dubstep / Bass Music Album


Today I've got an an amazing album that should be for sale, but is given away for free. These guys give their music away in hopes that you'll see them live in concert, which is definitely a necessary part to really experience the music. It's the latest album Colors In Disguise from Robotic Pirate Monkey aka RPM. We featured Hellevator, Party Animal, and Rio De Fuego off the album. Once the told me they were going to be making an original complete album, as opposed to something remix based. I loved their old stuff but knew they could deliver a more complete musical product; well that's exactly what this album is. Its ranges from the chiller laid back tracks to some very hard hitting bass filled anthems. It sounds like nothing I have ever heard, really blending a ton of genres throughout. The entire thing is great from start to finish. Find some good speakers or headphones, sit back, enjoy! Enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Colors In Disguise Entire Album | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Moon on the Man | Direct Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Pantone Polygamy | Direct Download

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