BANGER MUST HEAR NEW ALBUM (4 Originals + 6 Remixes): Robotic Pirate Monkey – Disturbing Pleasant Streets


I talked a little about this album when I posted RPM's remix of 'Breaking All The Rules'. Today I've got hands down one of the sickest eletronic albums around, and the best thing, it's completely free. It's for fans of Pretty Lights, SAVOY, Big Gigantic, etc. It's a completely unique blend of dubstep, BANGER, upbeat funk, sampling, making an absolutely sick combination that's sure to get you hooked. Thissongissick couldn't be happier to put it's logo on this masterpiece. This album starts off with 4 completely original songs that are sure to get you moving, my favorite being 'All in You', a funky upbeat unique BANGER. The second half of the album is filled with some of the sickest remixes I've ever heard. 'Joleen' takes the Dolly Parton song for a BANGER roller coaster with some dubstep elements that you're sure to fall in love with. I can't tell you how sick this album is. Download the entire album, turn up the bass, and enjoy the party. I had to post every single individually because they really are that sick, and I tried starring my favorites and that got a little hard, just grab the whole thing, seriously, thank me later. This top notch mastering was done flawlessly  by Nick Lucini over at Ze Sound Suite. Be sure to follow Robotic Pirate Monkey on facebook. Enjoy!

Download the Entire Disturbing Pleasant Streets Album Here

Into a Dream (Ft. Ayesha Scott) – Robotic Pirate Monkey | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Into A Dream (320 kbps)

★★ All in You – Robotic Pirate Monkey | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- All in You 320kbps

★ Ligers – Robotic Pirate Monkey | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Ligers (320kbps)

★ Crack – Robotic Pirate Monkey | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Crack (320kbps)

★★ Joleen (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) – Dolly Parton | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Joleen (320kbps)

★ Carousel (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) – Blink 182 | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Carousel 320kbps

Northface Giggles  (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) – Lupe Fiasco vs The XX | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Northface Giggels (320kbps)

★ I Came as a Rat (Robotic Pirate Monkey) – Modest Mouse | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- I Came as a Rat (320kbps)

Breaking All The Rules (Robotic Pirate Monkey) – Jordan Corey | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Breaking All The Rules

Hold Up (Robotic Pirate Monkey) – Dr. Dre ft. Eminem | Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Hold Up (320kbps)

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