Robotic Pirate Monkey – Party Animal : Official Music Video with Twisted College Girls


Robotic Pirate Monkey, the trio from Boulder who's brought you 3 free releases throughout the past year are back with their first music video pair with a track off their upcoming album Colors In Disguise coming out November 28th. We got to hear the first single 'Rio De Fuego' and it was a very sick step in a new direction for RPM. Well this track is no different, it sounds nothing like any RPM I've ever heard. It's incredibly wild, filled with animal noises, a little been eerie, and pumped with bass. The music video is incredibly well done. It's done by the prominent ski company Stept Productions, so you know it's gonna be legit. It follows a group of college girls on their way up to the mountains, to party, drink, and then a dark twist at the end. It's perfect for Halloween coming up. Download is coming out some time next week. Watch this full screen and enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Party Animal | Direct Download


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ATTENTION COLORADO FANS: RPM will be headlining the Fox Theatre on November 8th with support from Thick Chick, Raw Russ, and Wyatt Lamond. Tickets are going fast, and this event will definitely sell out like the last couple shows of theirs.

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