Robotic Pirate Monkey – Party Animal : Must Hear Electronic / Dubstep Single


Robotic Pirate Monkey, aka RPM, has been continuing to make some serious moves. And now get another part, following up Rio de Fuego off of their debut album Colors in Disguise coming out November 28th. Their recent well done music video for Party Animal went off huge with over 30,000 plays so far. Well today we get the download and full version of Party Animal. Now this song honestly sounds like nothing I've ever heard. It fit the music video so well, and works in a unique way without it. It's a cinematic journey filled with some animal noises, a bunch of unique synths, some guitar, and bunch of other noises. It's completely it's own sound, and it's cool to see where this RPM sound goes. Turn up the bass for this cinematic journey, enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Party Animal | Direct Download | Hulkshare


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RPM is going to be headlining the Fox Theatre tonight in Boulder, Colorado. They soldout their last time few times in Colorado, so defintely grab some tickets now! There's some serious lighting getting brought in for this show. Hope to see you all for a night to remember!

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