Robotic Pirate Monkey – Rio de Fuego : Must Hear New Dubstep / Jam BANGER + Summer 2011 HD Recap


Today I've got a brand new video from one of my favorite groups that TSIS has posted, Robotic Pirate Monkey. We've sponsored their first 3 releases, Disturbing Pleasant Streets, Jungles Tales, and the Sidetracked EP if you haven't checked them out for some reason. Well this video is a HD recap of featuring a Denver show and their performance at Red Rocks. This video features their new single 'Rio De Fuego', which is the first song off their upcoming album. I love the sound, it's got a more refined sound, with more bass, and more fluid with the samples. It's an amazing blend of live instruments and bass. The download isn't released yet, so just watch the video on replay. Video work was done by Cinesthetics, the talented company that helped out with our Avicii edit. Check it out, bump it, enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Rio De Fuego | Download Here

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