il:lo Unearth Beautiful Synth Melodies on New Remix of Rohne’s “Dawn Aura”

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il:lo is a duo that’s been consistently impressing with their knack for vivid melodies and chilly soundscapes. They’ve certainly caught the ear of Rohne, a like-minded producer who has enlisted them to kick off a string of remixes from his latest album, Forms. il:lo have risen to the occasion, delivering a wonderful, dancefloor-oriented rendition of “Dawn Aura.”

Originally, “Dawn Aura” was a bit more of a moody, introspective tune, with a shuffling kick that kept you on your toes. This new version from il:lo irons out the rhythm to form a consistent, housey groove, while altering the melodies just enough to give the track a new look.

The other remixers you can expect to see taking on Rohne’s work are Fejka, Lycoriscoris, Nuage, and Faodail.

You can stream il:lo’s remix of Rohne’s “Dawn Aura” below. Enjoy!

Rohne – Dawn Aura (il:lo Remix)