Rootkit Unveils Captivating Debut Studio Album, ‘Recursion’

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When we get locked in to an artist, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing that artist put out an new album. We’ve been fans of Rootkit for awhile now, and it brings us great pleasure to announce the arrival of the Norwegian producer’s debut studio album, Recursion, out now via bitbird.

The full-bodied “Only Knew” and the intimate “Sparks” have given us small tastes of the euphoric genre-blending production contained within the project, but the further exploration of sound and music that takes place within the remaining ten tracks soars past all expectations. From the hazy frozen soundscape of “Flow,” to the featherlight uptempo vibes of “Be With You,” Rootkit’s rich euphoric sound design creates a wonderfully enchanting listening experience.

Rootkit had this to say on his long awaited album:

This album is special because it’s my first, and I’m really excited to finally release these tracks as part of a complete package. I’ve been working on it for the past few years and it’s a collection of singles in which I traverse through the whole spectrum of my music production.

Stream Rootkit’s debut album, Recursion, below. Enjoy!

Rootkit – Recursion