Ross From Friends Breaks Through with Magical New Album ‘Tread’


When we first discovered the music of the U.K.’s Ross From Friends, he had a firm grasp on the blossoming genre of lofi electronic music. Today, however, we see Ross From Friends completely break free of what could have been a pigeonhole, and deliver a beautiful, melodic masterpiece of an album titledĀ Tread.

Tread is more a more dynamic project than we ever expected. According to a press release, it was created over the course of the pandemic, where Ross From Friends evolved his sound into something entirely unique. In addition to the nostalgic lofi goodness that he was known for, he also branches out with brilliant arrangements, spine-tingling sound design, and euphoric melodies that simply crash over you.

This is a project that will captivate you from start to finish. We’re in love with the breakbeat-focused approach, which seems to offer a wider sonic palette for him to explore.

You can stream this must-hear new Ross from Friends album below. Enjoy!

Ross from Friends – Tread