Big Gigantic – “Rowdytown 2012” at Red Rocks Presented by Official Video Recap, Full Review & Photo Gallery (ft. Macklemore, Dillon Francis, GRiZ, Raw Russ) [REVIEW]


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I started the blog back in February 2010 and the site has never done a proper concert review to date. I have gone to countless concerts since creating the website, and they have played an instrumental part in discovering new music. This past summer TSIS had the pleasure of working with the Big Gigantic team on "Rowdytown" that took place at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, which completely Sold Out.. and it even got voted Best Electronic event of 2012 in Colorado by Westword.. It was really amazing to be apart of such an amazing groups' biggest moment to date. We have premiere of the official recap video and have done a full review of the event complete witha picture gallery (above and below). Leave a comment below if you made it out to the first ever Rowdytown, or what city you would like to see Rowdytown come visit next?!

Big Gigantic Official "Rowdytown" Recap Video

Rowdytown took place on September 29th 2012 at Red Rocks Amphitheater and was Big Gigantic's first headlining Red Rocks show. Also on the lineup was seatlle hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, moombahton king Dillon Francis, rising new electro soul sax player GRiZ, and Boulder local turntablist Raw Russ. This was a lineup that we worked with the Big Gigantic team to help pick, and we felt it was incredibly diverse and offered a little something for everything, without ever getting boring. We wanted to create a show that got you out to Red Rocks early in the evening and let you enjoy it all night. We also worked with them to help prepare some of craziest production I have ever seen at Red Rocks. Projection mapping was done for the first time ever on the actual side of the Red Rocks (See above picture). This was a first in Red Rocks history, and it was EPIC. It wasn't quite as bright as if you were in the first 20-30 rows, but if you were anywhere towards the top.. jaw dropping. The concert goer was completely immersed in a light filled "Rowdytown".

The night started out with Raw Russ, boulder local and one half of the Elm & Oak team, and he got the night warmed up proper throwing down some fresh moombahton and trap to get everyone moving.

Then GRiZ (picture above), one of the most buzzed about electronic names in Colorado took stage, and despite his early time slot, he made it feel far later. He played an incredible set managing to get in almost every track off of Mad Liberation. Some other highlights included his "Welcome To Jamrock" bootleg as well as an unreleased RJD2 "Ghostwriter" remix that was amazing. He ended the monumental set in his career fittingly with "Better Than I've Ever Been". That is until his cameo during the headliner Big Gigantic's set later in the night.

Then moving on to the Hip-Hop of the evening we had Macklemore & Ryan Lewis put on and incredible live performance complete with live singers, trumpet players and all. They performed some of their iconic tracks off their, at the time, yet to be released debut album The Heist. They also played some past fan favorites like "And We Danced" and "Otherside". Ben (Macklemore) was actually sick at the time, but didn't let is show once on stage, really giving one of the best hip-hop performances I had seen all year. Macklemore even capped the show off for by giving TSIS a shout out at the end of his performance. Considering Macklemore was one of the reasons that the website actually included hip-hop, it left me with quite the smile.

Now on to the headlining act of the evening, Colorado's new heroes, Big Gigantic. Dominic Lalli on Saxaphone and Jeremy Salken on Drums, all dressed in white took the audience on a roller coaster through just about every single genre. They dropped a variety of tracks off their recent Nocturnal album, as well as some huge crowd favorites off A Place Behind the Moon like "Sky High" "Limelight" and "Step Up". They even broke out some of their crowd favortie remixes like "I Need A Dollar". Towards the middle of their set Dominic brought out openening act GRiZ for a cameo to play one of his tracks "Mr. B (Featuring Dominic Lalli)", and Dom and GRiZ's new freshly released collaboration track "Power". The crowd was engaged and raging from start to finish. You could see the pure joy and satisfaction on Dominic and Jeremy's face and they played to their Sold-Out Red Rocks crowd. This was not your average set or show, it was truly one for the books. It was a night that everyone in attendance will remember for a long time to come. Big Gigantic left us knowing that this was just the beginning of something very Big and Gigantic.

We couldn't have been happier to be involved with the Big Gigantic team and everyone involved in making this show possible. We can not wait to help bring Rowdytown to another city and see what happens. Please share your Rowdytown story below or if you could not make it tell use what city we should bring Rowdytown to next?

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