Ruben Haze – One Way Ticket (Ft. Dirty South & Example) : Dirty South’s Incredible New Indie Live Project

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Today we recieve one of the most exciting pieces of work from Australian producer / DJ Dirty South aka Dragan Roganovic who has launched a brand new live collective project known as Ruben Haze. Dragan steps outside of his festival ready house tunes for a chilled out change of pace bringing along singer Rudy to supply vocals to the group. Here's what Dragon had to say about the project:

“We wanted to give ourselves a platform to put out music for years. Music for the ages. 





For this single "One Way Ticket", the duo has actually enlisted UK star singer / rapper Example for a guest feature offering just the right touch. The organic acoustic and electronic elements combined with the vocals for a catchy combination you will be sure to replay. Stay tuned as we unveil more information about this exciting new project.

Ruben Haze – One Way Ticket (Ft. Dirty South & Example)

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