[PREMIERE] Ruchir Makes TSIS Debut For Future Bass Single “So I’m Gone” Ft. NGO & Croosh

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Rising producer Ruchir is making his TSIS debut today for a premiere of his latest single “So I’m Gone” featuring NGO & Croosh. The 18-year-old has started to make waves as of late and aims to keep this up with his forward-thinking sound.

Having grown up in so many different big cities like Hong Kong, Dubai & New Delhi, I’ve been fortunate to experience many different musical climates and cultures; So I’m Gone, I think is the best representation of all the different types of music I’ve experienced through my life, and represents that crossover. I really think there’s aspects all around the song that anyone can love. With So Im Gone, I really think I’ve started to come to my own and ‘find a sound’. – Ruchir

Ruchir is living in Dubai and studying at Syracuse in New York while crafting his pop-leaning future bass sound that’s caught our attention. This time around, he expertly crafts a moody instrumental for the R&B vocals to float atop leading up to the next level drop filled with slashing synths and perfectly executed vocal chops. Enjoy!

Ruchir – So I'm Gone (Ft. NGO & Croosh)

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