Russ Liquid – Foreign Frequency (Full Album) : Electro-Soul / Jazz / Funk [Free Download]


Russ Liquid, the New Orleans based producer, is sure to be one of the next artists to break through within the jam influence, extra heady festival scene of artists. He has been turning out music through Gramatik's Lowtemp label, amongst others, and has been on the road playing live with Gramatik. Well, today he has uploaded a surprising 17 track album on Soundclo8ud which dropped a few years ago on Bandcamp, Foreign Frequency, that he is passing out as a completely free download. The album fuses together jazz and bass elements like never before. Stand out tracks include "Revenge Of The Fingerblaster," "Proud Light" and "Alpha Bravo Echo Zulu" yet the entire thing is worth an in-depth listen. The album has been made available as a free download through live electronic band STS9's record label 1320 Records. Listen below, grab a copy and enjoy!

Russ Liquid – Foreign Frequency | Free Download