Russian Funk Outfit The Diasonics Drop Psychedelic Track “Deviants”


What would you get if you crossed Khruangbin’s instrumental music with Jimi Hendrix’s groovy guitar hooks? The results might sound something like The Diasonics, a group of five talented musicians from Moscow.

The Diasonics label their sound as “hussar funk.” They describe this as “a style that blends infectious deeply cinematic instrumentals, Eastern European flavours, hip-hop rhythms, and psychedelia.”

Deviants” from their recently released debut album Origins of Form makes the case for why this band should be on your radar. The ’60s and ’70s influences are strong on this track. We’re treated to some tasty bass lines, a swinging organ, and keys riffs. The distortion-treated guitar makes “Deviants” feel particularly psychedelic. Towards the end of the track, the chorus of far-out voices completes our utter hypnosis.

You can check out “Deviants” below. The whole album is worth a listen too. Enjoy!

The Diasonics – Deviants