[PREMIERE] Newcomer rx Soul Delivers Debut Single “All The Way There”: Genre-Blending R&B

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Today we’re excited to be introducing a newcomer to TSIS. LA-based rx Soul has been kind enough to link up with us for the premiere of his impressive debut song “All The Way There” and we already can't wait for more from him.

I wrote this song while spending a couple cold months in a studio apartment in LA, with almost no money to my name. Barely eating, scared, freezing, I was thinking nightly about home, first loves, any time and place but then and there. All The Way There came out of that endless cycle of searching for a better feeling I had but lost…how I never quite found it, but I never stopped looking. - rx Soul

The talented newcomer shows his knack for effortlessly blending genres on this new single as he puts his vocal range on full display across the forward-thinking production. He brings soulful, bluesy guitar licks placed alongside sprawling electronic production and skittering hi-hats making for a hybrid sound allowing for his vocals to shine. He caries a versatility on his vocals throughout as he hits both the high falsetto notes and a relaxed tone that compliment each other perfectly. Enjoy!

rx Soul – All The Way There