Saba’s Group Pivot Gang Deliver Debut Album ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’

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Pivot Gang is here. The Chicago based collective consists of Saba and a list of hip-hop collaborators including Joseph Chilliams, MFnMelo, Frsh Waters, squeakPIVOT, daedaePIVOT John Walt as well as various others popping in like Smino and Mick Jenkins. Saba has been making moves on his own with solo albums like CARE FOR ME earning high praise. The group have been making music together for years, but have just now delivered their debut album You Can’t Sit With Us.

The chemistry is apparent throughout. You can tell these guys are more than rappers that work together. It has more of a family vibe with each artist effortlessly finding their pocket, fitting in alongside each other with ease. The 13 tracks brings various sounds and is a solid offering we’ll surely be spending some time with. Enjoy!

Pivot Gang – You Can’t Sit With Us