Saib Invites Us On A “Sunset Drive” On Wavey New Single


Berlin-based producer Saib originally hails from Casablanca, Morocco, and describes his hometown as a “global melting pot.” This worldly influence is evident in his music. Out via Hip Dozer, his latest track “Sunset Drive” blends lofi rhythms with lush textures.

The track starts out with a dreamy retro sample, with a swirling chorus and groovy guitars and keys. Gradually, Saib mixes in a chill lofi beat and the song transitions into a certified bop. “Sunset Drive” is the perfect title for this track; the shakers he blends into the beat add a tropical element that makes you feel like you’re driving by the side of the ocean, windows down with the sun on your face. Saib fades part of the backing track in and out, adding to the waviness of the track.

If you’re liking the sound of this track, make sure to keep your eyes out for his upcoming album Under The Stars. Until then, check out “Sunset Drive” below. Enjoy!

Saib – Sunset Drive