Sit Back & Relax ‘Under The Stars’ With Saib’s Tasteful Lofi Album


Berlin-based, Casablancan beatmaker, Saib, has amassed quite the catalog of music dating back to 2010, including 7 albums and a dozen EPs and singles. Demonstrating a broad palette that ranges from jazz flavors to lounge experiments to asian textures, Saib has stood out among the saturated world of beatmaking by constantly absorbing and evolving. Today, we’re excited to share with you his latest endeavor, Under The Stars, out now via Hip Dozer.

A nice cup of joe and a breezy hammock aren’t required when listening to this one but they’re definitely recommended. The 13-track project perfectly exemplifies what lofi hip hop is supposed to be about. Jazzy instrumentations delicately dance over hip hop based beats while tasteful record crackling retains that oh so needed old-school touch. The album also features solo tracks and collaborations, including Tom Doolie, Bluestaeb, Flofilz, Cap Kendricks, and Leaf Beach.

Addressing the rationale for the album, Saib explains:

“with ‘Under The Stars,’ I stay committed to diversifying my musical palette and inspiration sources. The release is a musical journey that will accompany the listener throughout the day, ranging from early morning relaxed grooves, lush melodies to jazzy four on the floor beats you’d hear in a lounge.”

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Saib – Under The Stars