Saint Sinner & Dimond Saints Drop Synthy New Single “Lotus Flower”

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This is an exciting collab we have coming from Saint Sinner & duo Dimond Saints. They teamed up to create a sexy synth-laden song that’s the bonus track for Saint’s first solo album, Silver Tears. But that’s not all—they also released a Special Edition of “Lotus Flower”, and it’s a striking and amped-up spin. 

The song has shimmering, far-away chords in the intro, letting the vocals lead. Then comes some deep bass and drippy effects as the song crawls towards the drop. This breakdown is stuffed with vibrant synths and is one that you’ll want to go back and rewind after hearing the first time. It then winds down with echoing production and some haunting and ethereal notes.

You can play the track below. Enjoy!

Saint Sinner & Diamond Saints – Lotus Flower (Special Edition)