[PREMIERE] Newcomer Sakima Shares Chilled Out Remix Of Caveman’s “Life Or Just Living”

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Newcomer artist Sakima is making his TSIS debut for a remix of Caveman’s “Life Or Just Living”. The UK-based singer and producer gives us a refreshing take on Caveman’s original that’s the perfect way to kick off your weekend. Sakima previously made an appearance on one of our Weekly Chill playlists for his last release and is back at it with another strong track.

"with remixes, i always try to take the song and restructure it into something totally new and treat it as if it were my own song, rather than an interpretation of the original.  with 'life or just living' i wanted to experiment with using harmonically unpleasant/mismatched sounds but somehow make it satisfying to listen to." ~ sakima 

Like Sakima said, he’s taken the original track and entirely made it his own reconstructing it from the ground up. He removed the instrumentation entirely rebuilding it with lush synths, skittering hi-hats, and atmospheric sound design leading up to an experimental drop of rumbling basstones and glitched vocal samples making for a unique take on Caveman’s track. Also electronic music's favorite dog, Lil Hank, did a remix himself below as a bonus. Listen below and enjoy!

Caveman – Life Or Just Living (Sakima Remix)

Caveman – Life Or Just Living (Lil Hank Remix)