Sam Adams – Some Chords (Sam Goes In Over Deadmau5): Rap Over Heavy BANGER


So Sam Adams, one our 'Sick Artists' has been dropping some songs off his newest mixtape with Party Records lately. He dropped one going in over Rusko and I thought it wasn't the best, but I also like Rusko and the original alot, so the rapping was distracting me from appreciating a song I already loved. Well today Sam goes in over one of Deadmau5's latest singles 'Some Chords' and I think it works pretty well. The orignal Deadmau5 song is just so sick, and Sam's rapping fits very well with it, would do you guys think? I never would have thought to throw some vocals over. Turn up the bass and enjoy this new track!

Some Chords – Sam Adams (Prod. By Deadmau5) | Download