PREMIERE | TOTEM’s “Staring At The Sun” Receives Bouncing Upbeat Remix From Swedish Producer Sam Crow

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New York-based artist TOTEM has impressed us over the years with his incredibly smooth, electronic/indie sound. Having cranked out some truly infectious tracks, today we have the pleasure of premiering a remix of his most recent single. Making his TSIS debut, we’re excited to share up-and-coming Swedish producer Sam Crow’s take on TOTEM’s “Staring At The Sun”.

Sam Crow has effectively stripped TOTEM’s latest track to it’s bones and reassembled it in an incredibly unique and dance-able way with this new remix. Starting off with a bouncy guitar melody, TOTEM’s immediately recognizable vocals slowly float in atop some soft acoustic percussion before a quick rise throws the track into a energetic, synth filled drop, driven by a thumping kick drum. Check out Sam Crow’s remix of “Staring At The Sun” below and enjoy!

TOTEM – Staring At The Sun (Sam Crow Remix)