Watch Sam Gellaitry Perform “Gullible” in a Lush Forest

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Ever since Sam Gellaitry announced earlier this year that he was switching up his musical style, fans have been blown away at the range of his talent. That being said, listeners are going to be sure to eat this up, as he teamed up with BBC’s TUNE to give them a special treat. The Scottish producer, singer, and multiinstrumentalist did a stripped-down performance of his song “Gullible”, filmed deep in the forest.

This is a whimsical watch in every aspect. Gellaitry is placed amongst lush greenery, and it’s just him, his guitar, and his microphone amongst the expansive woods. For this version of “Gullible”, most of the track’s pop elements have been removed and there is a more subdued and personal feel to it. He adds a fun intro and outro that have never been heard before, and his delicate falsetto absolutely steals the show.  

You can watch his performance below. Enjoy!