Soulection Producer Sam Gellaitry Uploads 3 New Must Hear Songs Out Of Nowhere


One of the most exciting breaths of fresh air in the production world is without a doubt 18 year old Sam Gellaitry out of Stirling, Scotland who's been carving his own league alongside forward thinking label, Soulection. Today we get the pleasure of hearing three great new tracks from Sam out of nowhere that continues to display why he has no boundaries creatively.

“Glacier” showcases a deep bassline and a melodic flute-like synth to kick off the track as he hits us with an unreal synth chord progression and soft, glitched vocal samples to round out an edgy atmospheric vibe. In the track description Sam states this track is “just for fun” showing us how talented this young producer is as he is already starting to see his fair share of imitators of his unique style. Another shorter track he shared "Nah" starts with melodic chords rising and falling that changes up and turns into a chaotic collection of glitched samples, with hard hitting bass and syncopated percussion underneath layers of synths. "…haha" is another pleasant tune that has a more hip-hop style of production with vocal samples and pleasant chimes to go along with his always impressive synths that makes the signature sound in all his tunes irresistible. Check out his entire 5 track playlist he recently made on Soundcloud titled "Ideas" and includes these three new tracks along with two previous releases and really showcases his unique futuristic style. We will keep you updated on whatever else he manages to share. Enjoy.

Sam Gellaitry – Ideas | Stream Only