San Holo Shines A Light On Mental Health Awareness With New Single “All The Highs”

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We are always pleased to see artists choosing to reflect on mental health and its importance through their music. A long time advocate of mental health awareness, electronic maestro San Holo reminds fans to show themselves grace with his new single “All The Highs.”

A reflection of the human experience, “All The Highs” is an instantly relatable track that is destined to be a crowd pleaser. Dreamy synth pads and wavering melodies take the listener on a journey guided by San’s intimate vocals. Lyrics “Our memories on rewind, all of the lows, all of the highs” inspire listeners with their simple, touching sentiment. 

San had this to say about his new track:

‘All The Highs’ is about looking back and embracing all the lows and highs you’ve gone through in life. There’s peace to be found in the realization that the world goes on regardless of what happens and that life is.

You can stream “All The Highs” at the link below, out everywhere via Helix Records. Enjoy!

San Holo – All The Highs