Emotions Run Deep On San Holo & Chet Porter’s New Single, “you’ve changed, i’ve changed”

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San Holo and Chet Porter. Individually, they are two very accomplished and talented artists. Together, they create soaring songs like new single, “you’ve changed, i’ve changed,” loaded with emotive energy.

We’ve been following the roll out of San Holo’s new album, bb, u ok?, and while the project was initially supposed to release today, the Dutch producer has since delayed the release to June 4. In its place however, we’ve gotten a brilliant new collab with none other than Canadian all star producer, Chet Porter. This single swells with powerful guitars and raw vocals, casting light on even our darkest corners.

While we’re stilling itching for that full album, this single is a damn good consolation prize. Stream “you’ve changed, i’ve changed” by San Holo and Chet Porter below. Enjoy!

San Holo – you’ve changed, i’ve changed (feat. Chet Porter)