San Holo Reminds Us, “Don’t Forget To Breathe Today,” In Brilliant New Single

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Mondays can be hard (especially, if you were livin’ it up for the Digital Mirage Live Stream Festival this past weekend). But thankfully, with the right music, even the most Monday of Mondays can be turned into a breezy cake walk. Don’t worry, San Holo is here to help with his heavenly new track, “Don’t Forget To Breath Today,” out now via bitbird as the latest release in his weekly ‘Stay Vibrant’ collection.

San Holo has become a long time legend for his soaring sound design, and this latest track plays to the Dutch DJ’s strengths in such a rich fashion. We’re ferried into the track on the back of bouncing synth line before being greeting by a tender plucking chime. A quick rise lifts the veil from our eyes and ears, and a wave of crystal clear sound washes over us, filling listeners to the brim with a refreshing sense of calm and confidence. The chorus of synths peacefully play between the spaces of the downtempo drum hits over top a symphony of sweeping orchestration.

This angelic tune is the second release in the weekly ‘Stay Vibrant’ collection—“an ever expanding music collection by San Holo.” Last week’s track, “(if only i could) hold you,” was another blissful release featuring some pensive guitar work. According to the man himself, new music will be released every Monday as part of this new music collection. If that’s the case, then Mondays just got a whole lot more exciting in my book. Stream “Don’t Forget To Breath Today” below. Enjoy!

San Holo – don’t forget to breath today