San Holo Announces He’s Working On New Album & Is Finding A New Sound


With many of our favorite artists working on albums at the moment, there's another that just made an exciting announcement… San Holo, one of our favorite producers of melodic and future bass, just made the exciting announcement that he's taking the leap to a full album himself. The Dutch producer took to social media to very briefly touch on where he’s at currently and he is headed. 

working on an album

not in a rush

time for a new sound

— San Holo (@sanholobeats) January 28, 2018

San Holo’s post is concise and to the point. Just three weeks ago he had released his The Trip EP, and followed in the similar direction we've heard from him up to this point, so we're curious what his "new sound" will be. Being the head to his own label, bitbird, perhaps he has gained some inspiration from his fellow labelmates to head in a new direction. In whichever way San Holo’s new sound is headed, we will always eagerly be awaiting his next drop, whenever that may be. Stay tuned for more info and enjoy!