Sango Drops Unexpected House & Techno Album ‘Great Lakes Influence’

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Sango is widely known as one of the more prolific beatsmiths in underground music. One of the most prominent artists from the Soulection crew, his music often centers around hip-hop. This past weekend, he switched lanes to release a new mixtape/album called Great Lakes Influence, which features his most house & techno-leaning sound to date.

Sango was prompted to release this project, which he had been sitting on, after Drake unveiled Honestly, Nevermind, which consisted mainly of house-inspired production. Sango tweeted shortly after Drake’s release: “Imma release my house/techno album then.” He went on to say how he was originally inspired by his father, who grew up around the birth of house music in Chicago.

And like I grew up around this shit. The skating rinks the jittin ask my dad he witnessed the birth of house music in Chicago. Real N Halsted St legend. So, for those that are wondering..nah this ain’t no trend.

— Sángo (@SangoBeats) June 17, 2022

Great Lakes Influence contains 13 tracks. While many of them feature a groovy four-to-the-floor drum rhythm, there are also a lot of electro patterns—a style that was birthed in the 80s that has the same tempo as house, but with more broken-up grooves.

You can listen to the full album below. Enjoy!

Sango – Great Lakes Influence