PREMIERE | Talented Vocalist SATICA’s “You Are Here” Receives Dazzling Future Bass Remix Courtesy Of Rad Cat

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Courtesy of Moving Castle, we have received an elaborate remix of SATICA’s standout single “You Are Here.” The original tune, produced by AObeats and Mike Derenzo, was featured on the Long Beach natives debut EP “Drippin’” last October. Prior to “Drippin’”, SATICA was first introduced to the site with her iconic feature on Manilla Killa’s “Youth”. Now today, “You Are Here” gets a dazzling remix from the well versed producer Rad Cat that is deserving of a cozy TSIS premiere.

I may be a sucker for vocal chops, but when I heard them right off the bat I was instantly intrigued. Shortly after, SATICA’s vocal performance is introduced, which could seduce just about anyone. Hip-hop style percussion escorts the track through its angelic journey which eventually climaxes with textured synths. Rad Cat’s revision of “You Are Here” is the type of track you don’t realize you need in your life… until it exists. And once you have it, you never want to let it go… Enjoy!

SATICA – You Are Here (Rad Cat Remix) | Download