Savoy – DIY : Must Hear Crunchy New Dubstep


Today I've got the latest anthem from a group that will always be one of my favorites, Savoy. They used to be based in Boulder, and now are living in New York and really blowing up on another level. You remember California Dreamin, I'm In Need, or the Nothin for Nothin EP. DIY is massive dubtsep anthem fueled with an infectiously catchy melody thoughout. Savoy has a very interesting breed of dubstep, it's almost fit for clubs as much as house music. It's super grimey, but still sound very smooth. I haven't been able to stop listening to this track since I saw it in the GoPro video below. They give out alot of free music, but are trying to sell this one, so purchase through Beatport here. It's already hitting the dubstep charts, let's get it to #1!. Turn it up, enjoy!

Savoy – DIY (Original Mix) | Stream Only

Purchase through Beatport Here