Mumbai Lo-Fi Newcomer SCayos Shines on Sophomore Album ‘Whatever Happens, Happens’

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“A jack of all trades and master of none is often times better than a master of one.” This timeless saying seems like it was written for up-and-coming artist SCayos. The 20-year-old producer, vocalist, and composer has caught the attention of many with his airy lo-fi-leaning creations, and today we’re excited to introduce him to the site with the release of his sophomore album, Whatever Happens, Happens.

“Whatever Happens, Happens talks about the fragile journey of grief,” SCayos discloses. “Loss is experienced in so many ways and everyone copes very differently, but there are 5 main stages of it which I chose to express through the album: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each track is my take on these stages, how I felt during the times of loss, and how I got through them.”

This project also represented a growth in expression for the budding artist with the debut of his very own vocals. “Using my voice in most of the songs has been very fruitful, and a process of self-discovery that I’ve really enjoyed. I think as a producer and musician, it was the next step for … me to fully express what I wanted to say.”

A healthy list of guest artists provides a beautiful sounding board for SCayos to reflect ideas and vocal space in a group exploration of grief and its many shapes and colors. Find your introduction to SCayos and his new album, Whatever Happens, Happens, below. Enjoy!

 SCayos – Whatever Happens, Happens