Scion A/V Presents Skream & Benga EP : Must Hear HEAVY 5 Song Dubstep EP


Excited to bring you a brand new, completely free 5 song EP from two people who contributing to the shaping of the genre dubstep, Skream & Benga. These two producers have been in the game since the early 2000's. Skream's been acclaimed for taking dubstep in a more melodic direction. This EP is amazing, and even though I'm honestly only really in love with 5 of the tracks, those 3 hit so hard. The bass is so massive and full on these songs it's a little unreal. They all have an almost dark feeling to them. Turn it up, enjoy!

Scion A/V Presents Skream & Benga EP | Direct Download

Benga – Any Steppers | Download


Skream – Nefariousa | Download


Skream – Phat Head | Download