Drift Away to Scoobert Doobert’s Breezy New Lofi Rock Track, “Don’t Worry”


If you’re looking for some breezy, carefree, cruising music, look no further than Encinitas based artist, Scoobert Doobert. He may not take himself too seriously, but he’s honed some serious talent, performing each instrumental part on his own. Scoobert Doobert describes his sound as a “lofi psychedelic kaleidoscope of good vibes, bedroom-pop singalongs, and nostalgic futurism.”

Scoobert’s most recent offering, “Don’t Worry,” is a vibe and a half that we could rinse out endlessly. Here’s what Scoob had to say about the track’s message:

“Dont Worry” is about the stress of adding “meditate” to my daily to-do list. The stress of a commitment to not be stressed. A meta-worry. A feeling compounded in a New Year ripe with resolution but without much resoluteness. I guess a goal that intimates is the one most worth following.

You can stream “Don’t Worry” below. Enjoy!

Scoobert Doobert – Don’t Worry