Seven Lions Drops Euphoric New Single “Where I Won’t Be Found” Feat. NÉONHÈART


As one of the leading figures in the melodic dubstep subgenre, it comes as no surprise that Seattle-based producer Seven Lions, AKA Jeff Montalvo, has become a regular on TSIS. The artist has truly transcended genres throughout his career, combining the euphoria of trance with the power of bass music to create a signature sound that’s intense, uplifting and masterful all at the same time. Seven Lions’s most recent release back in April, “Freesol,” highlighted all of these qualities and started his year on a high note. Today he’s kept that momentum going with another single, “Where I Won’t Be Found” feat. NÉONHÈART, out now on Seeking Blue Records.

“Where I Won’t Be Found” pulls you in with an intro of silky vocals and simple percussion, slowly and steadily building into that familiar melodic sound Seven Lions is known worldwide for. An elated synth build-up breaks into a refreshing progressive breakdown, incorporating airy synths, pulsing bass and a well crafted distorted vocal lead. The production of Montalvo and the vocals of NÉONHÈART are the perfect match, making for yet another stellar release from Seven Lions.

This single is just the beginning of a huge month for Seven Lions. The artist announced via social media that during June he’ll be dropping a “Cold Skin” remix package, a new remix, a new EP and the official “Freesol” video, among one other surprise not yet revealed. If this new single is any sign of what’s to come, it’s sure to be an explosive summer for the artist. Stream “Where I Won’t Be Found” below and enjoy!

Seven Lions – Where I Won't Be Found | Purchase