Sex Ray Vision – Relax (Album) : Full Free Electronic Album (House / Electro / Dance)


Today I've got an amazing free release from an electronic producer I've featured far too little, Sex Ray Vision. Don't his  name alarm you, or maybe you should.. but this young guy from Standford, California really has a unique fun dance sound that he calls "Awesome", which I would completely agree with. Some of the tracks on here of a hard hitting electro house edge like Wolfgang Gartner or Porter Robinson, and then some of a happy house / disco feel like Madeon. Defintely check out at least all the tracks that i've picked out. Grab the whole thing, or a few tracks, turn it up, enjoy!

Sex Ray Vision – One By One | Download

Sex Ray Vision – Evolved | Download

Sex Ray Vision – Limitless | Download

Sex Ray Vision – Blender | Download

Sex Ray Vision – Relax (Entire Album) | Direct Download