Sexytime – Lost In Translation : Sexy Bass Music / Glitch from Mimosa & Sleepyhead [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]


Today I'm excited to bring you a very sexy song. It's a new track from a collaboration project called Sexytime featuring producer / DJs Mimosa and Sleepyhead. This is far from Mimosa's hard hitting dubstep, but a venture into the sexy more melodic side. It sounds like a funny word, but after listening, you'll get it. It's got very deep smooth bass sounds, not meant to be listened to on laptop speakers..  This is the first track off their upcoming Naked Poetry EP that we are premiering here on 4/20. It's got a different flavor then most of the stuff up here, try it out, turn up the bass, get sexy, enjoy!

Sexytime – Lost In Translation | Direct Download

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