SG Lewis Reaches New Heights with Immaculate New Album, ‘AudioLust & HigherLove’

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The modern-day man of disco, SG Lewis, has spent the last few months illuminating the path back to the dance floor. He’s dropped a handful of singles in lead up to his new album, including the star-studded groover “Fever Dreamer,” featuring Charlotte Day Wilson and Channel Tres, and today, the dance floor finally reopens.

AudioLust & HigherLove is more than a new collection of euphoric drum loops and synth samples. The new album instead sees Lewis pushing both himself and his music to greater heights with the help of live band composition and a host of top-tier feature artists. The role of band leader and vocalist fits the multifaceted producer well as he traverses a variety of moods and melodies ranging from downtempo ballads like “Oh Laura” to the infallible energy boost of “Missing You.” But make no mistake. SG is still the decidedly savvy electronic producer we first came to love, as proven by the pixelated mid-tempo bounce of “Different Light.”

You can stream SG Lewis’ sophomore album, AudioLust & HigherLove, below. Enjoy! 

SG Lewis – AudioLust & HigherLove