SG Lewis Completes His 3-Part Concept Album ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’ With The Release Of ‘Dawn’


SG Lewis’s concept album trilogy, Dusk, Dark, Dawn, has concluded with the full release of the final segment, Dawn. We’ve already gotten a sizable taste of Dawn, considering the three singles we’ve heard so far. Today, we get to hear the entire project in its cohesive entirety, with three brand new tracks.

As the title suggests, Dawn consists of downtempo, dreamy cuts that all have a very alluring energy to them. It’s one thing to listen to it on its own, but when lined up with both Dusk and Dark, you have an entire stories worth of music that’s worth diving into.

Get lost in SG Lewis’s sonic, three-part odyssey below and enjoy! We’ll list the three separate parts in chronological order, ending with the most recent release, Dawn.

SG Lewis – Dusk, Dark, Dawn