SG Lewis Announces New Album with Red-Hot Groover “Feed The Fire”

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The highly demanded talent that is SG Lewis has just announced his debut album times, which will be arriving February 19, 2021. He’s released a new single, “Feed The Fire,” an uptempo track with a frenetic bassline and uplifting strings, as well as a gorgeous vocal from R&B singer Lucky Daye. It’s a beautiful example of the disco infusion that Lewis is bringing on the upcoming album.

On the influences behind the album, Sam says:

“After reading about 70’s New York and the birth of Disco, I became infatuated with the euphoria and escapism that the music from that period created, and the safe spaces the clubs at the time provided for people to express themselves. I aimed to create a world musically that captured those same feelings, and to imagine the music that would be playing in those rooms if they were to exist today.”

Lewis has done a great job revamping the disco sound with all of the tools at his disposal, while staying true to its core. This track is a perfect example of a production that captures the soulful disco spirit while adding some fresh electronic twists.  We’d certainly love for SG Lewis to lead us in a modern day disco once the clubs open back up.

The album will undoubtedly be funky and ultra danceable, as we’re hearing it will feature previously released hits “Chemicals” and the incredible Channel Tres/Robyn collaboration “Impact.” Check out the brand new lyric video in the stream below. Enjoy!

SG Lewis – Feed The Fire (feat. Lucky Daye)