SG Lewis Gives Bee Gees Classic “More Than A Woman” New Life

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UK producer, SG Lewis, has taken on the mantel of new age disc jockey as he’s fine tuned his golden era disco sound. Hot on the heels of his debut album, times, Lewis is wasting no time getting back on the grind with the release of what’s sure to be a timeless remix of the Bee Gees classic, “More Than A Woman.”

Remixes and samples are a cornerstone of the house/ disco genre. This new flip pays homage to one of disco’s mainstays while giving it a glimmering new light and refreshing bolstering of synths.

There’s just something rejuvenating about those strings and steady drum kit, and someone please grab me a pair of skates asap. Harness that carefree energy by streaming SG Lewis’s remix of “More Than A Woman” below. Enjoy!

Bee Gees – More Than A Woman (SG’s Paradise Edit)