Shadient Explores His Darker Emotions On Debut Album ‘Have You No Burden’

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From elegant, moody melodic interludes to heavy bass tracks of twisting buildups and torrential drops, the beauty Shadient‘s music prevails in his variation and commitment to honesty, emotion, and technicality. Pushing the boundaries of bass music even further, Shadient has unveiled his debut album, Have You No Burden, out now via NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s GUD VIBRATIONS imprint.

The 13-track LP features the emotional vocals from fknsyd, Catnapp, and sh4dows, alongside Shadient’s unmissable industrial bass sounds. Not limited to one genre, the album will take you on a vast musical journey. “Sympathy Coil” is the provocative standout of the album that maintains an alternative pop edge while capturing the magic of dance music. “Roadworks” paces the album and brings in elements of hyperpop to achieve a joyful yet melancholy ambiance, while “Solitary” opens with a distant storm and leads into an explosive layer of sounds and instruments.

Shadient created this album to make fans feel understood, in the same way that he has long used music as a way to experience his darker emotions. With the notion that we all must be forthcoming about our feelings, Shadient aims to continue an open dialogue with his listeners about the struggles we experience day to day, not just the highlights. Stream the project below and enjoy!

Shadient – Have You No Burden