Shallou & Emmit Fenn Join Forces On Vibrant, Emotional New Ballad “All Your Days”

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Over the past few years both Shallou and Emmit Fenn have easily become some of our favorite current artists. Having both continuously impressed with their soft, ethereal sound, today the two have finally teamed up on an incredible new single “All Your Days”.

“I’ve always been a fan of love songs. There’s so much hope in them and I feel like that’s what people need right now.” – Shallou

It’s always a unique experience when two extremely talented artists lend their musical prowess to a singular offering. While both Shallou and Emmit Fenn’s music tends to inhabit a very similar sonic space, it seems they’ve found the perfect balance of lush, atmospheric soundscapes, gentle percussion, soft, vibrant synths and of course beautiful, passionate vocals from Emmit on this latest joint venture. As incredible as they are separately, it seems it was only  matter of time till Shallou and Emmit Fenn teamed up on something, and we’re absolutely loving the end result. Check out “All Your Days” below and enjoy!

Shallou – All Your Days (with Emmit Fenn)