Shallou Dives Deep With Diverse, Emotional New Album ‘Magical Thinking’

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When was the last time you dove into your emotions and really worked some things out? It can be a challenge, but if you need any help getting in tune with your softer side, LA-based producer, Shallou, will happily abide. The consistently emotive producer has released his highly anticipated debut album, Magical Thinking via Island Records and it is simply brimming with electro-pop passion.

Famous for his use of soaring synthesized orchestration, honest, raw lyricism and enchanting vocal manipulation – this album meets all our standards for a hit Shallou song and then some. Shallou pushes the barriers of his production throughout the album, spanning the musical spectrum from the euphorically bouncy, “Forget” and “Make Believe”, to the solemnly acoustic, “Lethologica” and downtempo belter, “Older”.

Not only is the composition of this project superb, but the list of collaborators is simply top notch. Shallou recruited Ashe, Daya and The Knocks, as well as a host of other very capable artists to help take this LP through the stratosphere. Magical Thinking will take you on a tour of your emotions like never before, but I promise its a ride you don’t want to miss. Stream below and enjoy!

Shallou – Magical Thinking