[PREMIERE] Shallou Shares Relaxing Cover Of Radiohead’s “Motion Picture Soundtrack”


Up-and-coming producer Shallou has continued to impress us with each of his releases. We have the pleasure of premiering his latest track which is a laid-back cover of Radiohead’s "Motion Picture Soundtrack".

The release follows up the New Orleans-to-Chicago producer’s dreamy R&B collab "Slow" alongside RKCB and an atmospheric remix of Saint Mesa’s "Jungle". The somber original track appeared on Radiohead’s classic album Kid A released in 2000, and has now been recreated entirely. The piano-driven rendition adds new percussion and ambient, melodic layers that build throughout the tune. Shallou even adds his own vocals to the cover.

"MPS is one of my all time favorite songs by my all time favorite band; its always what I thought the afterlife could sound like. I tried to add some cinematic and ambient textures to make it my own, and it’s one of the few times I’ve sung full vocals on a track so it’s definitely close to my heart." — Shallou


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