shallou Blows Us Away With Extra Chill New EP ‘Souls’

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Nearly half a year has come and gone since mesmerizing producer, musician and vocalist shallou shared “You and Me,” a single that found strength in its tenderness, in November 2017. This landed as the first song off his impending Souls EP, with “Lie,” “Find” with Kasbo and “Vignette” following. Now Souls is finally here, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Three new songs come with the project’s release including title track “Sigh” and closing track “Skin,” with each one adhering to a theme that’s simultaneously delicate and captivating. Although four of the seven songs were previously released, hearing each one come together from start to finish is a reward in itself.

From the simplistic song titles to each meticulously placed piece of production, instrumentals and vocals throughout, it’s not hard to see why shallou picked this name for his project. In the way that all great music does, each tiny piece of this puzzle gives listeners a glimpse into a world entirely new, a momentary place to get lost in. Each song itself is a small but mighty individual – a soul in its own right. Souls is packed with variety; from the gently building progressions of “Sigh” to the surprisingly dominant, shuffling percussion on “…Lost,” it’ll keep you invested from start to finish. Check it out below and enjoy!

shallou – Souls | Download